Monday 21 April 2014

DiSC of the WEEK: Twin Library Historical Tumblers

a1285166341_10At the tail end of 2013, Edmonton AB’s Twin Library closed out their album They Were Marked As Targets with a song called “There’s Always An End”.  It could have been the last thing the band ever released.  They would have left an impressive and prolific canon of work dating back to when they began playing music and making records in 2008.  The argument could be made that Twin Library had certainly put in the their time.

And yet, on the eve of their 10th album’s release, I’m arguing that Twin Library’s time is now.  Historical Tumblers may be an album that the band were unsure they would make, but it has turned out to be their most assured.  An unflappable pace and consistency of sound and songwriting, Historical Tumblers blends the band’s penchant for  sharp melodies, succinct songwriting, and muted instrumentation into the smoothest, most refreshing drink your ears have ever tasted.

It is ridiculous how talented, and yet so underrated Twin Library are.  Is it because they don’t push the PR machine they way lesser bands do?  Is it because there’s a glut of musicians out there making so much noise that ace tracks like “Right Around The Wrong Time” never get their due?  ”Swallows” is barely long enough to be a song, yet it perfectly encapsulates it’s lyrics: “And when it ends does it ever end/it never begins”.   I often remark about how not a single moment or note is wasted on Twin Library records; with Historical Tumblers, it’s not their musical efficiency that impresses me, it’s the way that this album draws me into repeated listens.  It’s not because a single play though isn’t satisfying in its own right, but because my thirst for Twin Library’s sound cannot be quenched.

Historical Tumblers is officially out tomorrow, April 22nd, 2014.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  It’s also Earth Day.  Consider this my early birthday gift to the Earth (i.e. you): Earth, meet Twin Library.  It’s about fucking time you got to know them.



Thursday 17 April 2014

NEW MUSiC: You Say Party Decennium EP

a3468191577_10Marking 10 years since they played their very first show in a small church basement out in Abbotsford, BC, You Say Party (nee You Say Party We Say Die!) released a commemorative digital EP yesterday title Decennium.  That first show, the band says, “…marked the beginning of something we never would have imagined would go so far, and we’re so happy to be still playing music together a decade later.”  

The past 10 years have been marked with tremendous highs and lows for You Say Party, and in looking back, the band have chosen a number of songs that have been sitting around but never released as acknowledgement of where they’ve come from, and as a way to clear the deck as they prepare for their first new record to come out since 2009′s XXXX (a single, “Friend”, was released in 2013).  The band are “…excited for the new sounds that are taking shape,” on their most recent recording sessions, but Decennium is a welcome look back on their career so far. 

You Say Party’s Decennium is available through the band’s Bandcamp store now.