Friday 23 July 2010

Reincarnate yourself

Bad Tits' Sebastien Grainger and Josh Reichmann make a name for themselves

(photo: Eva Michon)

The setting is last summer’s garbage strike in Toronto.  The players are one Sebastien Grainger, formerly one-half of Death From Above 1979 and currently the front man for Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains, and Josh Reichmann, formerly of Tangiers and currently the front man for Josh Reichmann Oracle Band.  The result is called Bad Tits, which they say comes from “a colloquial expression intended to express misfortune” as in “Did you hear about Sammy? I heard he got busted by the cops…bad tits!”  I have never used the expression before myself, nor have I ever heard it said outside of referring to this dynamic duo, but like all goodness springing forth from misfortune, these Bad Tits are onto something good.

Together Grainger and Reichmann are playing with sound in a fun way, mixing electronica and garage rock sounds with pop inflections and noisy krautrock.  It’s truly a collision of genres, but under their deft guidance, music springs out of the mess.  It’s sonic urban decay, it’s messy infatuation, it’s spontaneous and unpredictable, and it’s a shit-load of fun.  Bad Tits made their debut at the NxNE festival in Toronto this past June, and say that more music is coming, and more will be revealed about the band in due time. You have to check out the video for “Bangkok Hilton” below

Garbage Night, Bad Tits’ six-song EP is released by Hand Drawn Dracula Records, and is available digitally through iTunes.  Herohill beat me by a day, and has a review of the EP up here (plus a link to the “Bangkok Hilton MP3).

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Bad Tits

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