Saturday 07 January 2012

QUiCK HiT: Warm Weather, Looking Through EP

WHO: Welcome back, Warm Weather, the LA-based trio with a couple of ex-pat Canadians QBiM first brought to your attention last June.  If I ran a record label, Warm Weather is the kind of band and music I would want to put out.

WHAT & WHEN: News of a new EP, Looking Through, to be released sometime this month.

WHERE: Warm Weather is planning on heading to SXSW this year, so anyone heading that way would do well to check them out.  Our good friends at I Guess I’m Floating named their last EP Dances as their 23rd favourite release of the year, and “I Only Know” as their 13th favourite song.

MP3: Warm Weather “A Promise”
Facebook: Warm Weather
Twitter: Warm Weather

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