Friday 09 March 2012

The end of that

LiSTEN: Plants and Animals "Song for Love"

(Caroline Desilets)

I’m going to blame the recent “down time” QBiM suffered on the solar flare.  That sounds sexier than blaming it on the vicious malware that infected the site’s code, doesn’t it?  A solar storm is more cosmic, mystical, than the thought that someone exploited a vulnerability in my FTP transfer and took it upon themselves to wreak havoc on an innocent, little music blog, no?

You know what else sounds sexier than malware?  The new  Plants and Animals album, The End of That.  I mentioned previously that Plants and Animals and I had this little thing going, where I wasn’t so sure I’d end up liking album No. 3 based on my experience with album No. 2 (La La Land), but I’m very pleased to report that The End of That is the end of that love/hate affair.  It’s a solid, uniformly well-written album that brings the trio closer to the pop part of their personalities and away from their more experimental tendencies.  Oddly, I find that I miss some of their more idiosyncratic moments, but there’s enough variety and texture in the songs’ arrangements to make up for it.  I’ve been spinning The End of That on a daily basis since it came out on February 28, and with each listen, I fall harder and harder for it.  “Song for Love” is one of my favourite tracks, but really, I could just have easily posted any of the others (“Crisis!” for instance, or the swaggering title track).

I was planning a much more thorough review before the blog was digitally derailed earlier this week, but I sort of lost my momentum for writing after having read through tonnes of code looking for little worms burrowing into the back end.  I’ll get back up to speed soon, but let’s be honest, you don’t need 300 words when eight will do: This new Plants and Animals album effin’ rocks.

Plants and Animals “Song for Love”

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