Monday 23 April 2012

Manic sparkles

LiSTEN: Cinderpop "Florentine"

Vancouver’s Cinderpop have been called “space pop” for their otherworldly way around luscious melodies, but in the last four years they’ve more likely been called missing in action.  Even their official web page hasn’t logged any activity since 2009, but that will all change soon, I’m sure as the band prepare to unveil their new album, Manic Sparkles.  Quiet though they may have been on the music landscape, Manic Sparkles provides evidence that they’ve been far from idle.  It boasts 16 songs all under three minutes, and if they’re all as fetching as “Florentine” is, then they’ve more than made up for their absence.  We’ll have to wait until June 5 for the full release, but “Floretine” is a positive start at filling the space where whip smart pop used to live in my musical universe.  It’s been some time since I got my ears stuck in music this sweet, and I’ve forgotten just how much of a sweet tooth, er, ear, I had.

Cinderpop “Florentine”

Facebook: Cinderpop

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