Tuesday 24 April 2012

No grand design

QBiM SPiNS Ketamines, Spaced Out

Sometimes I believe that my left ear doesn’t know what my right ear is hearing.  The woozy drone of Spaced Out, the first album from Lethbridge, Alberta’s Ketamines can induce some kind of sonic vertigo, disorientating the unsuspecting listener as it twists familiar rock riffing and pop posturing through grainy filters of fuzz.  It won’t take you long to right yourself, though, and realize that these 10 tracks are as right as rain.

I’ve heard enough lo-fi productions in my time blogging to know when a record is actually “no-fi”: not finished.  Spaced Out has that haphazard haziness going on, but it’s punctuated by moments exuberant experimentation that sharp and focused.  You’ll invariably read about how they ape “Magic Carpet Ride” for the opening of “Evil Intentions”, and with good reason: Ketamines make the schtick stick without sounding like shit. That’s something that both my ears can agree on.

Spaced Out is co-released by Mammoth Cave Recording Co. in Canada and Southpaw Records in the U.S.

MP3: Ketamines “Kill Me Now, Please”
Twitter: Ketamines


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