Wednesday 13 June 2012

Drink it like you mean it

LiSTEN: Corb Lund "Gettin'Down on the Mountain"

(Alexandra Valenti)

The press release that announced the release of Corb Lund‘s new song, “Gettin’ Down on the Mountain” describes the song as “a portrait of a survivalist preparing for the apocalypse,” which would make it the perfect soundtrack for all this 2012 end-of-days Stuff.  I don’t buy into all that crap, but I’d certainly buy into whatever Corb Lund has to offer up.  His collision of roots rock, rockabilly and country-western swing is always welcome, and from the sounds of things, Cabin Fever, his sixth album, is going to be a classic.  What I love most about Lund is that, even though he’s not playing speed-metal anymore, he still brings the punk spirit to his music.

Lund will be headlining at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival,  as well as making an appearance at the Ottawa Folk Festival,  More tour dates are forthcoming.  Cabin Fever drops on August 14.  “Gettin’ Down on the Mountain” can be downloaded for free from now.


Facebook: Corb Lund
Twitter: Corb Lund

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