Friday 16 November 2012

One more for good measure

EXCLUSiVE: Twin Library reveal "Propellers Down"

I certainly hope everyone checked out yesterday’s Music Alliance Pact post, celebrating the 50th post in the global-blogging series and featuring 4o exclusive new tracks from around the world.

I put out a call to a number of my favourite indie Canadian bands for submissions as my contribution, and received a pair of excellent tracks. Unfortunately, I could only use one as the official release, but I’m thrilled that Edmonton’s Twin Library were willing to make their submission available to everyone, too.

While the coin toss may have not gone their way as the official Canadian contribution, their track “Propellers Down” is equally as worthy.  Here’s what they had to say about its origins:

It was originally recorded in a primitive form in April 2009 for the album Now You’re A Ghost (under the band name The Public Library). However, at the time it didn’t quite fit and was ditched.   In early 2010 drums were added to the song and it was considered for inclusion on the album Folkrecorder (also by The Public Library). Once again, the decision was made to ditch it.  September 2012. Believing that the song was strong enough not to spend its life in a miscellaneous/outtakes folder, Twin Library revisited the song. The existing vocals and guitars were stripped away and re-recorded (along with a heavy dose of feedback for good measure). We feel that “Propellers Down” has finally grown into the song it was meant to be. It only took three and a half years and a slightly different band to pull it off.

I think it’s grown into itself perfectly, too.  Thanks to Twin Library for letting me share it with you all!

MP3: Twin Library “Propellers Down”
CBC Music: Twin Library
Facebook: Twin Library
Twitter: Twin Library

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