Wednesday 21 November 2012

The only way (we’ll stay together)

iNTRODUCiNG: Teen Violence

Imagine that the Beach Boys and Everly Brothers apprenticed in punk rock bands before the discovered surf rock and parallel thirds, and you’ll get a sense of what Teen Violence are up to.  Duo Geoff and Mark (no last names offered) from Kitchener, ON have been partners in crime for the last two and a half years, searching for something to get them out of the droning rock doldrums they’d been in as they found themselves in and out of local punk bands over the years.

Whether going greaser was an obvious or logical progression is debatable,  but the choice has served them well.  Together, they’ve managed to carve out a neat little niche  and distinctive sound in the Southern Ontario indie music market. Live, they’re accompanied by a drummer and bassist, but in the studio it’s all Geoff and Mark, fleshing out the songs ideas mark’s brings in.  A local label, Uncross Your Arms, has put out Teen Violence’s most recent 7″ single in a limited edition pressing of 300.  It features the full 7″ record (with four tracks) plus an immediate download that also includes two bonus tracks, on top of the download card that will come in the mail with your vinyl that gives you two additional tracks. It’s all up for grabs through Teen Violence’s Bandcamp page right now.

They say they’ve got another 7″ single in the can and getting ready for release, but for now, there’s a video for “I Don’t Wanna Be Friends” that debuted a few months (check it out below), and a pair of previously releases alongside the new 7″ to give you all the Teen Violence you can handle.


Video: Teen Violence “I Don’t Wanna Be Friends”
CBC Music: Teen Violence
Facebook: Teen Violence
Twitter: Teen Violence

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