Friday 04 January 2013

There’s a reason

iNTRODUCiNG: Paul Federici
Paul Federici

(photo: facebook)

There’s a strong tradition of singer/songwriters in Niagara, godfathered by the likes of Dallas Green as City and Colour, and Tony Dekker as Great Lake Swimmers.  I hear a connection to both Dekker and Green when Paul Federici steps up to the mic.  His is a name to make note of now, because if there’s any justice in the world, his will be a name that finds itself on many lips this coming year.  Federici independently released Relative Importance at the start of 2012, and has been on the road, playing shows and bringing his sound to the masses (or at least those amassed in the small clubs and cafes he’s been playing at), so here’s hoping 2013 starts to bring people to him, through posts and publicity like this.

“Without You” is the final cut on Relative Importance, and the first of his song to get an official video release (embedded above).  The album is available as a $4 digital download, or you can add another $6 and get a physical copy as well.  Whatever you choose, just be sure you choose to add Federici’s impressive record to your collection posthaste.

CBC Music: Paul Federici
Facebook: Paul Federici
Twitter: Paul Federici


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