Thursday 17 January 2013

Tragic care

iNTRODUCiNG: Folly & The Hunter

Folly & The Hunter

There’s an enchanting trio from Montreal who go by the name Folly & The Hunter, and they are about to release a new album called Tragic Care on Outside Music.  So far, the only thing from the album I’ve heard is “Moth in the Porch Light”, performed live off the floor at Wood & Wires Productions (see the embedded video below), but that’s more than enough to have me intrigued and anxious to hear more.

Folly & The Hunter is the work of Nick Vallee, (lyricist and vocalist), originally from Vancouver BC, Laurie Torres, a Montrealer born and bred and a multi-instrumentalist of highest repute, and Christopher Fox, originally from England, and also plays a variety of instruments. Collectively, they blend traditional American folk influences with modern rock and pop, as can be heard on their debut independent record, Residents (released in 2011).

Tragic Care was produced by Dave Smith and Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes) at Breakglass Studios.  It is due in stores April 16.

CBC Music: Folly & The Hunter
Facebook: Folly & The Hunter
Twitter: Folly & The Hunter

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