Tuesday 26 March 2013

Remember what he’s been given

ViDEO: Rich Aucoin's "Brian Wilson is A.L.i.V.E." wins the inaugural Prism Prize

It’s nice to know that this past Canadian Music Week won’t solely be remembered for the emergence of Slagging Off (if you need to, Google it), thanks to the inaugural Prism Prize being awarded to the music video voted best of the 2012 calendar year by a jury of over 90 journalists, filmmakers, bloggers, broadcasters, and critics.

It took two rounds of voting (one to narrow down to the 10 video short list, and a final round to determine the winner) before the first Prism Prize winner was awarded on Sunday night at the SoHo House in downtown Toronto.  The Prism went to Rich Aucoin and director Noah Pink for Aucoin’s “Brian Wilson is A.L.i.V.E.”

Also handed out on Sunday night was the first Prism Prize Audience Award, based on public polls collected through The Grid and Exclaim.

You can check out the other short listed videos for this year by heading to the Prism Prize‘s website, which continues to host and feature videos up for the 2013 prize.


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