Friday 21 June 2013

Hide the children a storm is coming

NEW MUSiC: Rae Spoon • "I Will Be A Wall"

The eighth solo record from Montreal-based, Alberta-bred Rae Spoon is called My Prairie Home, and is essentially the score and soundtrack to the upcoming National Film Board documentary musical of the same name.  Directed by Chelsea McMullan, the  movie is about growing up and surviving in an evangelical Christian family, exploring the “meaning of home when it is no longer a place one can return to”.  Spoon is truly one of Canada’s most important and unique musical voices, who has lived an incredible life that’s been documented on their previous seven records.  My Prairie Home spans their musical repertoire, including folk, gospel, rock, and electronica, and is destined to be a record of heartbreaking beauty and honesty.

The documentary is slated for release in Canada in Fall 2013, while the soundtrack will be on our doorsteps by August 13, 2013 on Saved By Radio.  This week, Spoon debuted the first track from the soundtrack, “I Will Be A Wall”.


CBC Music: Rae Spoon
Facebook: Rae Spoon
Twitter: Rae Spoon

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