Friday 07 June 2013

MiXTAPE: June 2013

A while back I asked followers of the Quick Before It Melts Facebook Page if they’d be interested in a monthly mixtape.  The response was an overwhelming yes.  Okay, it was only about eight people, but still, I take that as a good sign.  I know I’ve tried experiments like this before but maybe this time it will stick.  No pressure to have it out on any particular day of the month, or to follow any kind of special theme (although this one does).  It won;t be on SoundCloud, or on YouTube, or anywhere else; if you want the mixtape you gotta come here to get it.

Seeing as today’s the day I have to lock in my first ballot for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize, I’ve dedicated this inaugural mixt to the music that moved me enough to consider voting for it.  Five of these 16 songs come from the five albums I’ve voted for in determining the Polaris Long List, which will be announced next Thursday, June 13, 2013.  I won’t tell you which five; it’ll be more fun to see if anyone can guess.

MP3:Quick Before It Melts June 2013 Mixtape

01. Zaki Ibrahim “Draw the Line”
02. Pick A Piper “South to Polynesia”
03. The Luyas “Fifty Fifty”
04. Dusted “(Into the) Atmosphere”
05. Hannah Georgas “Somebody”
06. Valleys “Absolutely Everything All the Time”
07. Evening Hymns “Arrows”
08. The Wilderness of Manitoba “Morning Sun”
09. Shotgun Jimmie “Everything Everything”
10. Daniel Romano “Middle Child”
11. Beliefs “Catch My Breath”
12. Doldrums “Anomaly”
13. Rachel Zeffira “The DFeserters”
14. D-Sisive “Tell Me Different [ft. Adam Bomb]”
15. The Rest “John Huston”
16. Young Galaxy “Pretty Boy”


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Michelle June 7th, 2013 at 2:28 pm

Great mix! Definitely helped get me through my Friday afternoon…

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