Thursday 19 December 2013

Songs: 2013 Part 3

volume 3A reader recently wrote in: “Jim,” she starts, “These compilations of your favourite songs of 2013, they’re fantastic.  I was wondering how you went about choosing these songs, and if there’s a particular theme for each collection, and what inspired you to create such an elaborate and wonderful gift to your loyal readers?”

Thanks for your question, reader.  I’m humbled by your comments.  To answer your questions: I do my best to compile a list of songs that I find truly great throughout the year, and build my own special playlist with them.  When it comes time to curating that list into five collections, I choose a song to start with and then go on to build each set song by song.  I don’t start out with any particular theme in mind, but sometimes, the collections take ona life of their own.  One may be a bit more dancey, one more folky, but it’s never a conscious decision.  As for my inspirations, there have been many.  The Pope of all music bloggers, Matthew Perpetua has been building his yearly Surveys over at Fluxblog for many years, but I also credit the fine work of Shane and Bryan at Herohill on their compilations.

In 2012 and 2011, I put together a compilation of 75 songs that rocked my year, split them over five collections.  These hefty almanacs have always posed a hosting issue, so for this year’s project, I thought I would try something different: a set of five continuous mixtapes curated by yours truly.

Starting Tuesday, December 17, and each day until Saturday, December 20, I’ll be posting a new mix, each with 15 of my favourite tracks of the year, and its own snazzy cover art.  If you’re feeling really old school and were looking forward to getting the 75 songs as individual tracks, hit me up via Facebook, Twitter, or email, and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Right-click, save and enjoy!

Songs: 2013 Volume 3

“Painful Like” AUSTRA • “Goldmine” FITNESS CLUB FIASCO • “El rito” DESTROYER • “In her hand, her trembling love (savage festival)” EXPWY • “The Colonial Pt. 1 (You’re Only Twenty)” YOUNG BENJAMINS • “Needle” BORN RUFFIANS • “Hushed Tones” ISLANDS • “Quietly Awake” BOREAL SONS • “Say Goodbye” DIGITS • “Loneliness” REBEKAH HIGGS • “Chrysotile” GAY • “Baby’s Got It” MAYLEE TODD • “Perfect Tourists” THE HEAVY BLINKERS • “What’s Going On (With My Love)?” STONETROTTER • “Shock To Your System” TEGAN AND SARA


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