Tuesday 14 January 2014

LiSTEN: Mimico Mimico EP

(photo: Antonio Beecroft)

(photo: Antonio Beecroft)

Guys (and maybe gals, too, whom am I to say?), you know when you shave with a razor that’s sharper days are well behind it and you’re left with a little patch of fuzz on your philtrum, and you can’t help but run your finger over and over it when you know very well that you should go shave it off, because you’re, like, an adult now and not supposed to be fascinated by such trivial sensory input?

Listening to Mimico‘s self-titled EP is like that.  Their mix of prog rock, psychedelia and punk will stimulate nerve endings in your ear you never knew you had, and though you know that these seven songs aren’t really charting new sonic territory, you can’t help but feel like you’re the only one in the world who’s experiencing this. right. now.

Available on cassette from Reel Cod Records and as a stream from BandcampMimico collects some of the best moments from this budding trios previously released digital singles into a 40-minute primer on one of 2014′s bands to watch.  A recent review of their live show in NOW magazine said that Mimico were “charmingly unsure” of how to react to the admiration of a live audience, something they’ll soon grow accustomed to, I’m sure.


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